Friday, March 20, 2009

GET Other People's Food

It struck me earlier today that the key to culinary happiness at home may indeed be getting other people's food. By that I mean any solution that results in someone else making your food. It might be a sibling, a neighbor, a professional cook. The main thing is that you aren't involved. Barring these options, the best solution is, of course, to have your food delivered. Take out is a good second best.

Given the economic situation that the world is in I have an ingenius solution to making a takeout or delivery meal more "homey" - like comfort food. The solution is kid-made condiments. Below is a list of recommendations for easily acquired and made condiments that compliment the appropriate regional cuisine. By teaching your kids to make these regularly you can both save some money by ordering less AND make the meal more home made and fun!

Heirloom Tomato Ketchup
Organic Egg Mayonaisse
French's Mustard (there is NO substitute for this mustard)
Lavender Honey
Dead Sea Salt

A quick family class at Institute Culinaire De Toute Chose Folie on a Saturday will do the trick!

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