Friday, April 10, 2009

MAKE: Being Prepared for April

April is a funny month. It's not really hot, not really cold. Somedays are just right for curling up in front of a fire with a good book, others for kite flying. I say, be ready for both. To that end I spent the last week with Kikuro Harami an world-reknown calligraphy kite master from Osaka. She showed me how to carefully transcribe my favorite texts onto kites. Each page of text takes about 2 hours to move onto a kite. But, think of the upside! An octagonal box kite can fit almost all of Anna Karenina if you use both sides of the fabric. I was so thrilled with our results. I sat all of Sunday with a cup of echinacea tea under a faux (or real!) cashmere throw reading my kite and then, when the sun came out, ran outside with the kids (who were quietly reading with me) and flew it. Our Make It Yourself instructions are easy to follow. And, as far and I know, these are the ONLY ones that Kikuro has made available. Happy Flyeading!

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