Thursday, July 2, 2009

DO: My Pooch and Yours

My dog is very old and will die one day. But, for now, he just smells. Years ago we called him Sparticus Effluvius and are reminded of why whenever he wafts by. As a citizen of the planet he is my equal. As a member of my household, he is not. The lovely groomer who comes to cut, wash and dry his hair always has a kind word for him. The other day I shared with her the story of my good friend, M.C., whose ingenious method of stopping her dog from barking at the front door (a good squirt in the face with a (lightly alcohol-laced?) water bottle) is one that I wanted to share with you. It brings her such joy, is such a release, that I thought all women should know about this technique. I am looking for the perfect spray bottle for every room in my house. I found a lovely venetian glass one for the powder room on the first floor yesterday and just thinking about it gave me a sense of calm. Thanks, MC!

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