Friday, October 23, 2009

Go: Mobile Munchies

I worked on September 5th, 6th and 7th this year and had the great fortune of finding super yummy lunches on all three days . As we all know, finding a mid-day meal that is healthy and incredible and has its roots in poverty can be really difficult. However, tucked away on the side streets of exclusive or safely edgy major metropolitan neighborhoods are a new generation of mobile, high-end peasant food purveyors! The city food scene has taken to les rues! In Prii, of course!

Locanda Tokyo
New York, NY
Locandatokyo@twitter for daily locations

As some of you many know, even though I’ve chosen to live in a MUCH older city, I’m a born-and-bred New Yorker. I think, if I could have when I was younger and in NY all the time, I would have eaten lunch at this mobile seaweed salad truck every day. This is the best seaweed salad I’ve ever eaten and, believe me, I’ve eaten A LOT of seaweed salad. Don’t forget to ask for the wholeness and wellness side order of bread. Did I mention, it’s got an old-school vibe?

God and Mammon
Los Angeles, CA
Godandmammon@twitter for daily locations

If you can imagine an imaginary place decorated to look like a real place meant to look imaginary, you could easily be thinking of this fantastic restaurant. The best gumatoma clams are served with a stunning cornucopia of fresh ersatz Maori side dishes. But, the homemade thin crust, organic, lactose free, free-range chicken pot pie, my fave, is the coup de culinary grace. The simple slightly-pricey entrees and the freshly-made elderberry extract make this a worthy local favorite. Book in advance on the days you know you have to work.

London, UK
Talk to someone in the know to find location

My heart fluttered the first time I took my best celebrity chef friend to this bodega-cafe on wheels. This ceviche taco restaurant in a discreetly unmarked white van, serves the best and most brilliantly scrumptious ceviche tacos outside of Las Alamandas. (I just learned that Las Alamandas is named after the lovely yellow alamandas flower indiginous to that part of Mexico and the source of a relaxing, all-natural anti-menstrual migraine serum? Who knew?) My friend LOVED it (Cybelline, not Las Alamandas, although who doesn’t love that, too?). Nouvelle Mexican by way of Shoreditch.

More mobile hotspots to come next work work!
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