Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BE: Mommy and Me Tweener Classes

I realized early this dewy morning that the days of Mommy and Me ballet classes are gone forever. Filled will longing for the easy, mindless hours of non-confrontational twirling and tutus I came up with a new idea: Mommy and Me Sex Ed! Why not continue the tradition, taking valuable lessons we've learned and pass on practical information to our girls in a fun way!

The lessons that came to mind immediately are the ones we all know, but that are sometimes hard to follow through on:
1) Set by example (which I take to mean a grown up version of "Show and Tell")
2) Communicate clearly and frequently

When you combine these two, a weekly sex ed class that you can share with your tween daughter becomes as easy as getting a full body wax.

Not one to sit on an idea for long, I immediately called Janice Nessorini at Bantam Books (if you don't know her you should, here's her number, 212-879-8890) and she is putting together a preliminary curriculum, book proposal and short documentary film for schools. Since this is not really my field of expertise (having only had sex, but not taught it to my daughter in any detailed fashion) I made a few topic suggestions that I hope she incorporates, ranging from how NOT to tell a boy NO and 5 easy steps to latex free orgasms. I hope you can join us! Schedule to follow.

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