Friday, May 22, 2009

MAKE: A Simple Delight

Remember lemonade stands? The delight of a carefree, breezy spring or summer afternoon spent on the sidewalk selling too-sweet lemonade to hot passersby. Well, times have changed and my children's cherished memories will include not lemonade, but water. That's right. They had a fantastically successful Water Stand on Saturday and raised more than $400 for a budding entrepreneur in an anciently third world country. A prouder mother you will never find. I just have to boast. My oldest daughter, dancing in and out of the house in her ragged old Mustique sweatshirt, was the vision of a smart, driven business woman in the making. It was her idea to change the sign from one that said WATER to one that read Water for Starving Thirdworld People of Color, "the difference between sales and marketing, Mom, duh!" So sweet. It was my son's idea to package the water with blueberry-filled ice cubes (at a premium of $4.75 a cup). What a dynamic duo, if I do say so myself. If your kids would like to chair a similar water sale here is a list of ingredients:


Good luck!

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