Friday, May 1, 2009

DO: Socks for SOCCS

As you may know, I sit on the board of an organisation called SOCCS (Sisters of Owners of Canine Cancer Survivors). It is a wonderful organisation, dedicated to a little known group of women who are sisters of owners of canine cancer suvivors. Resources for these women are limited, to say the least. In addition to providing financial assistance, SOCCS works closely to meet these women's day to day emotional and social needs through a series of seminars, mentors, cocktail parties and hot stone therapy.

Our upcoming event was my very own brainchild: SOCKS for SOCCS. We will be auctioning socks donated by authentically stellar people (you know, stars). Although your socks are probably lovely, realistically they won't raise much money unless you can demonstrate that they've been worn by someone with a high twitter ranking (but thanks anyway). My friend, M (#2 on Twitter last week), has donated the pair pictured here, which have the added benefit of having been peed on, in a demonstration of territoriality or incontinence (we're not sure, but who really cares) by her very own sister's cancer suviving pooch Fred (isn't he adorable). The auction details are below:
Date: May 16, 2009
Place: DivaDogs Nightclub
Time: 9:00pm
Online Auction:
Please join us!

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