Thursday, May 28, 2009

THANKS: An Inspiration and an Unmitigated Success

Dear loyal POOG readers, I don't usually follow one post so quickly with another, but your response to and support of Silks for Success has been staggering. My favorite donation was a threadbare pare of parachute pants from the 80s. You could practically hear Duran Duran as we cut the swatches in the office.

In fact, one diehard reader (and constant source of inspiration) bravely and kindly shared a childhood story that has sparked an entirely new initiative. Her fond memories of "a fleet of very small people who made me wonderful sets of underwear in every color" (some of which she donated to our Vintage Silks collection) are the catalyst for the evolution of Silks for Success, which we are renaming Undies for the Underprivileged (AKA Panties for the Poor). By refining our collection efforts and focusing on this niche we feel that the organisation will be infinitely more successful. Thank you all again!

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