Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DO: How To Part Your Hair Like a Supermodel

There are bad hair days and BAD HAIR DAYS. You all know what I am talking about. Well, Henry J. at Studios Max in New York is an expert on all things sebaceous and he is also one of the world's true gems in general. This weekend, he shared an invaluable tip with me on a day when I thought my hair was just going to make me sob or beat my children. It was so simple, so quick and so effective that I thought I would pass it on.

Six Simple Stops to Parting Your Hair by Henry J.

Step 1 : Buy a good comb. Narsicca makes the best one. It costs less than $50.00 and can fit into your pocket when folded. The key is to make sure that your comb has a very pointy tip. Some people think that using a sharpened 3 cent pencil works the same way - but don't be fooled. It doesn't.

Step 2: Find a well-lit mirror and look at yourself face on. Remember - we are all beautiful inside and flaws are not your problem. If someone else looks at you and finds flaws, that's their problem. A mirror is your friend and should be treated as such. If your lighting is not good then find another mirror. In order to achieve a good part you need to make sure that there are absolutely no shadows on your head or face. Stop now and check for shadows.

Step 3: Raise the pointed end of your Narsicca comb and place it on the tip of your nose. Counting to 17 slowly raise the top to your hairline. If you reach your hairline before reaching 17 start over. Counting to 17 may seem silly, but it 17 is a spiritual prime number of great significance. If you reach your hairline on the exact count of 17 you will achieve superior results.

Step 4: Once you have reached your hairline take three deep breaths, close your eyes and let the comb take over as you push it back along your scalp. When you have reached half way along the crest of your skull, stop. It is at now time to look at your handiwork.

Step 5: Take a piece of 18" tooth floss and bite one end in your mouth. Raise the floss up and over your head and line it up with the part. Pull the floss into the part you have created and pull it up and over to your nape. Tape the floss to the back of your neck and complete your part by pulling the comb to the point at which the tape meets your hairline.

Step 6: Remove the tape. Smile.

Parting your hair in this way should take no more than 12 minutes. It's a little more than usual, but wait till you see the results. Once you've achieved this part you can do almost anything.

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  1. 12 minutes? Jeez! Parting my hair takes less than 12 seconds!! I guess you don't go to work, then, you'd NEVER get out the door on time, babe!